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Ways for Students to Save Money: A Guide on How to Buy Back Books Online

Dec 11, 2016
As students, we have a lot to juggle: studying, housing, social life, getting food (let alone cooking it), extracurricular sports, and our future—the list goes on. Like it or not, money rears its familiar green head through all these activities. Plus, considering the uncertain future of rising student loan interest rates, it’s now more important than ever to cut back on ways to save money.

There are plenty of ways to save money as a student, but some methods can become quite involved and others aren’t just for anyone. However, there’s one technique that if done strategically, can save any student bundles from semester to semester: It’s simply setting up a standardized process on how to buy back books online.

Of course, we want to be able to effectively save money while getting the most out of college, so there are a few things to consider before rushing ahead. Below, you’ll find a step-by-step method to develop your own book buy-back process.
  1. Assess Before You Buy: Before selling your book back online, it’s extremely important to assess the purchase before buying it initially. Understanding how to purchase a book for long term value can be found on our past blog post that you can read here: What to Consider Before You Get Used Textbooks
  2. Manage Wear and Tear: Despite the old saying, people do judge a book by its cover, so it’s best to ensure that a new (or lightly used) textbook is in fair condition upon reselling it. This process is crucial towards getting a fair price. Consider covering the book with common grocery store paper bags to avoid damage to the exterior. Avoid taking notes within the book and try not to eat or drink around it. Spilt coffee is never a good feature for a used textbook.
  3. Determining Personal Worth: So you’ve bought a good textbook and it’s survived the semester. What now? Well, like any good relationship, it’s time to think long term. Do you see yourself referencing this textbook later for future exams? If it’s in accordance with you major or main area of study, holding on to the book is probably the better decision. Is the next stop for this paged behemoth next to the shelf where your DVDs are kept? Might be a good idea to sell the textbook back online.
  4. Selling it back for a fair price: If you’ve followed the previous steps, chances are you’re teed up to sell back a book for its highest potential. Of course, you shouldn’t settle for the first price that comes your way. Do some research online to see what price the book is currently selling for. You shouldn’t expect to get the same amount for which you bought it, but careful usage throughout ownership and some dedicated research can help you get a price that’s fair and might even surprise you.
Saving money as a student doesn’t come easy, but selling back books online is an effective process that anyone can use to minimize costs throughout the semester. What are your methods for selling back your textbooks?