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Millennial Wishlist

Dec 19, 2016

Millennials are undoubtedly hard to buy gifts for, since out of the over 75 million people in this group and not one is the same. We are from a generation of rapid change with constant growth and opportunity, meaning we like options. So if you’re looking for what someone in our age group might like, take this millennial’s advice on what to buy and why.

Because millennials were born between 1980 and 2000, we embrace various outlooks and lifestyles. Therefore, opt for functionality, sustainability, and durability. The more a millennial can do with the gift, the more we’ll like it.

Multi-Device Charging Docks

Millennials grew up in a time of insane globalization and technological advancements, so we are most likely the people with ten devices to charge. Help each other get organized with a multi-device charging station. Look for one that’s universal and comes with micro-USB cords. Bonus points if it’s made of eco-friendly material, like bamboo.

Top 3 under $50

Satechi 7-port charging station
Unitek 10-port charging station
MobileVision Bamboo Charging Station

Portable Solar Panels

Speaking of globalization, millennials are travelers. We go on adventures throughout the world, and this means we need to stay connected wherever we are. If you know someone going somewhere electrical outlets aren’t readily available, we’ll appreciate a portable solar panel to charge our electronics. Click here to see what Amazon offers!

Gift Cards

The best gift cards are those that can be used anywhere for anything, like Visa Prepaid or Amazon.These gifts always provide the greatest amount of flexibility for purchases. With our generation being quite independent, we wouldn’t see it as inconsiderate if you decided to give us the power to choose with a gift card or, the ability to opt for what we like (i.e. TJ Maxx, Sephora, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Target.

Wireless Head/Earphones

Tangled wires are no fun, especially for active millennials. Wireless headphones will be appreciated because there’s nothing to get in the way; and the sound quality has been improved.

Top 3 under $100

Jabra Move Wireless
Beats Wireless
Bose SoundSport Wireless


In addition to traveling to new places, many millennials also seek out new and exciting experiences. That’s why this holiday season, consider gifting your millennial(s) something extraordinary, like a weekend getaway for mountain climbing, arts and crafts workshops, or some exercises classes. Make use of sites like Livingsocial, Groupon, and TravelZoo to get the best deals, but pick their brains first to see what kind of experience they have in mind!

Millennials’ cravings revolve around functionality and economy. Get something that makes life a little less stressful, and it’s guaranteed to satisfy the millennials in your life. So in advance, from a Millennial, thank YOU!