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Post-Break Prep: Get started now!

Jan. 5, 2017
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Let’s face it; the only downside of the Holiday Break is that it inevitably must come to an end. Say goodbye to those late night hang-outs, mom’s leftovers, and sitcom marathons and give a warm welcome back to alarm clocks and insane class schedules (yikes!). Don’t let the spring semester come as a shock to the system - there’s plenty you can do to take the new year by storm.

Get on Schedule

Waking up for those early morning classes will be rough if you’ve been a night owl all winter break, so let yourself adjust to a new sleep schedule at least a week before the semester begins. Get ahead by creating meal plans and a gym schedule to work off those holiday feasts. A strong body means a strong mind and when it comes to schoolwork, you’ll have the energy and motivation you need if you’re already working out on a regular basis and filling your body with the right foods before classes even begin. So while your friends are busy with those drive-thru runs and Netflix binges, take care of your body. You’ll be thankful when Spring Break rolls around.

Order your textbooks

No one likes waiting in those long lines at the bookstore the first week of the semester, so instead plan ahead and order your books now! Take a few tips from us:

  • Comparison shop - Search for the best textbook deals online instead of opting for the campus bookstore, where many students get overcharged.
  • Buy used - Save hundreds by purchasing your books second-hand and buy the standalone versions for any required access codes.
  • Save money with Belltower - We understand that textbook prices are just about the last thing a student should have to worry about, so click here and make it easy by purchasing your books through Belltower for the lowest prices and fast shipping

Pencil in some fun

Branch out of that comfort zone and sign up for a new extracurricular this spring. Whether it’s an intramural sports team or the photography club, keep yourself busy and entertained when classes aren’t bogging you down. It’s also never too late to start planning an adventurous spring break with your friends. Check out the beaches down south or plan a cross country trip and start counting down the days to your next break!