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Here’s what we do

Belltower hires you and other students all over the country to personally buy back books on campus at the end of every semester. Students will come to you for the convenience and better pricing that Belltower Books offers.

The buyback is quick and easy

You download our buying app on your smartphone and scan a student’s books. The Belltower app will list the price, and the student then decides what he/she wants to sell. You pay the seller in cash that we provide, finalize the sale on your app, take the books, and you’re done! Your Campus Captain will collect the books you've bought, and we pay you your commission (and any potential bonuses you earn) on the total amount you buyback. It's that simple!

Since Belltower Books only does as well as the people we hire, it's important for you to know exactly who we are looking for. We want people who are at their core, outgoing. You need to be comfortable advertising, approaching people you don't know, and have such an awesome personality that everyone will be lining up for the chance to sell you their books. We have found that the most successful buyers are those who have access to the dorms and are well connected on campus. You make announcements at your fraternity and sorority meetings, use your social networks, clubs, sports teams and word of mouth to spread the word that you buy back textbooks for cash, saving them the hassle of waiting in line to deal with the bookstore. You will also receive requests for appointments generated by our website.

This job is probably not for you if you

Are overwhelmed with finals and extracurricular activities, would rather stay home alone and watch a movie on a Friday night than go out and meet new people, or don't have multiple hours during the finals week at your school to dedicate to this job. What you put in is what you get out – YOU determine whether or not you make $2,000 or $50.


How do I get started?
Just press the “Apply” button, complete our very short application, attach your resume, and wait to hear from us.
Do I have to pay any start-up fees or buy supplies or provide any cash for the buyback?
No. We provide you with the app, labels & bags to collect the books at no charge. We provide you all the cash that you will use to buy back books.
Why will students want to sell to Belltower instead of the Student Bookstore?
You, our buyer, go to the student, saving them the trip to the bookstore, and standing in long lines. Also, we buy every book, not just the select few that the bookstore is willing to buy. Last but not least, we often pay much higher prices than the bookstore, depending on the book
Why would students buy and sell from Belltower when they can rent?
Typically, a student will spend a lot less money if they purchase a book from us at the beginning of the semester and sell it back to us at the end of the semester for cash. Buying and selling through Belltower also saves the student the hassle of mailing the book back.
For how long am I buying books?
Buyback usually runs from the week before finals through the end of finals at your school.
Can I buy from students, friends or family at other schools?
Yes! You can buy from students at other schools. You can also buy from family and friends. You can buy from anyone that has books they want to sell. Any book can be bought from anyone. The more you buy, the more cash you earn in commissions and bonuses!
Do we buy all books?
Unlike the Student Bookstore, we buy ALL books.
Do I have to be a student to be a buyer?
Because this position is based to a large degree upon social networking and the understanding of one's campus, we only hire students.
How much time do I need to spend buying books?
Obviously we want you to spend as much time as you can. Ideally you will spend multiple hours during the finals period at your school. What you put in is what you get out – YOU determine whether or not you make $2,000 or $50.
Where do I store the books I buy?
You will be responsible for storing the bags of books; you can easily stack a large quantity of books in the corner of your room. If you find yourself running out of space, get in touch with your Campus Captain to schedule a pickup.
How do I ship these books to you?
You don’t need to ship the books. When you are done with the buyback, your Campus Captain will pick up the books. If you apply for and are accepted for the Campus Captain position, you will transport the books to a local storage facility.
How do I get paid?
At the end of the buyback period, you will earn a percentage of the total value of the books you bought, as well as any bonuses you might have earned. We use Paypal to get your money to you as fast as possible, but, if you do not have Paypal, we can pay you by check.

Positions Available

Belltower Buyer

Cell phone strongly recommended

Purchase textbooks in a given market
Entry-level sales
Reports To
Campus Captain
  • Purchase books from other students at a location that is convenient for them.
  • Generate marketing buzz.
  • Travel to our customers and purchase their used textbooks using the cash we provide
  • Give books to Campus Captain

Campus Captain

Access to automobile is a strong plus, but not required

To supervise up to 10 buyers in a given market
Manager, Campus-level
Reports To
Regional Director
  • Generate marketing buzz
  • Distribute Belltower funds to Book Buyers
  • Coordinate drop offs with Buyers daily
  • Put materials into storage facility
  • Manage issues for the campus team